Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Book in time space

The turning of pages places a book into time.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

physiognomy- a thousand words can say a face

This study hopes to reshape experiences and allow one to look further into or beyond the human face.


Deb Rindl

The Human Chain
A multi-layered book of connections exploring events during the last two millennia in parallel with the fundamental essence of life - DNA. The common thread in both of these is their unchanging quality. Sometimes it seems that our only advance in twenty centuries is in the sophistication of the weaponry we use to dominate and kill each other. The technological aspect of modern life is underlined further when the book is held in its cover, thus resembling a slide under inspection in a microscope.

Times Square
Concertina book containing cut-outs based on a two times table. Designed in the early part of 2001, it has now become topical rather than merely an observation, being reminiscent of the grid design of New York streets and of the skyscrapers to be found there.

Exercise Book
A simple three-dimensional pun. At first glance this seems to be just a small version of a traditional exercise book but on further inspection the cuts and folds reveal a series of physical exercises. Printed letterpress.

A Recipe for Disaster
This bookwork is a response to the current conflict in Afghanistan. From the perspex container in the shape of a stealth bomber come forth a bomb and two smaller bomblets. The bomblets are constructed of 'pages' spelling out 'Collateral Damage' whilst the main bomb contains the nub of the message in its text. This is punctuated by bullet points, some being bomb-shaped, some like tears. The whole piece is carried in a grey card box reminiscent of an attractive sweet box, just as the cluster bombs being spread around Afghanistan are designed to resemble toys, to appeal to children and encourage them to be picked up. The results, of course, are disastrous.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

alphabet book with 26 lithographs

alphabet book with 26 lithographs
" The words in this alphabet book were selected from a dictionary. A series of 26 prints was created to accompany the words. Spontaneous drawing marks were used to create a chaos with the order of the alphabet representing the human


Books by graduate students

Treating the heart as a symbol, this book is made as a box for two heart-shaped ceramic bowls. The pages are made with heart-like cutouts into which the bowls fit when closed, and that also serve as decorative elements repeating the theme. The book is made of four-ply two-colored illustration board and adhesive-bound together with the covers. Covers include a clasp which securely holds the book shut to prevent the bowls from falling out. This book incorporates three-dimensional objects, in this case ceramic bowls. It functions as a box and at the same time as a book about a heart.

The merger of 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional art. Over here the book is a secondary item to contain the heart. But it merges well enough to translate the concept into physical item.