Monday, October 12, 2009

Bookbinding Terminology

Head: top side of the book
Tail of Foot:bottom side of the book
Spine: backside of the book; gives flexibility and support
Foredge:side of the book that opens

Text Block: pages or the inside of the book
Square: extra space around the edges of the cover; designed to protect the textblock.
End sheet, End page or Fly leaf: Sheet that attaches the text block to the cover or a sheet to cover the turnovers.
Headband: decoration and added support for the text block

Page: one side of the leaf
Leaf: Single sheet of paper or one half of a folio (equals 2 pages)
Folio: Single sheet of folded in half (equals to 4 pages)
Quarto: Single sheet folded twice(equals 8 pages)
Octavo: Single sheet folded three times (equals 16 pages)
Signature or section: Gathering of folios; a quarto or octavo

Information from book: Benjamin D. Rinehart, Creating books & Boxes. Fun and unique
approaches to Handmade structures. Quarry, 2007, Singapore

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